Sunday Morning Bible Study
Pastor leads a Bible study during the school year after Sunday service. All members are welcome to attend.

Sunday School
Sunday school is provided for children age three years to 8th grade. It takes place after Sunday service until 11:15AM during the school year, running concurrent with Pastor’s bible study. Sunday school provides fundamental Lutheran education for our children. Teachers and helpers are volunteers from our congregation.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)
All children from the congregation and community, age three years through 6th grade, are welcome to participate in our week-long VBS. Each year there is a new theme to teach kids Lutheran fundamentals through Bible storytelling and study, music, crafts, games, and snack. VBS is organized and run by the Sunday School superintendents, pastor, and volunteers from our congregation.

Confirmation Class
In preparation for the Rite of Confirmation, Pastor instructs Grades 7 & 8 on Wednesday evenings. Also on Wednesdays, the instruction is provided for the the 5th and 6th graders in preparation for confirmation class.

Day School
St. John’s Lutheran Church coordinates with Christian schools in the area to provide day-school education opportunities for our school-age children.

Never stop learning and growing in God's Word.
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